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My name is Greg Blencoe and I publish the blog.  I’m the author of the book “The Supermanager” and former CEO of Hydrogen Discoveries, Inc. which was an alternative energy start-up company.

Magnitude of the oil crisis

I truly believe that the oil crisis is the greatest problem humanity has ever faced and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are the solution.

The economic, military, national security, and environmental impact of oil on society is staggering.  Our way of life is at risk.

It is very scary to think about oil possibly being $200 a barrel (which will likely translate to gasoline being around $5 per gallon in the U.S.) at some point between now and 2015.  This is simply not sustainable.  As a result, there are around 250 million registered passenger vehicles and 170,000 gasoline stations in the U.S. that will need to be replaced in a relatively short period of time.

These are the types of things that I think about all the time.  They are why I am so passionate about this issue.  I know hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can solve these problems.  The transition to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is set to begin around 2015.

Goals with the blog

My two main goals with the Hydrogen Car Revolution blog are:

1.  To educate people about all that is happening with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

2.  To get more people to become vocal advocates of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (this can range from spreading the word by simply telling your family and friends about the technology or going much further like Scott Goldbach from Americans For A Hydrogen Economy)

Disclosure to comply with U.S. FTC regulations

I do not currently receive compensation for products (e.g. hydrogen fuel cell cars) that are discussed on the blog unless otherwise noted.

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