Top Hydrogen Car Revolution blog posts

by Greg Blencoe on February 22, 2010

Here are the top Hydrogen Car Revolution blog posts:

1.  7 reasons to love Toyota hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

2.  Air Products: Hydrogen produced from wastewater facilities and landfills could power 210 million cars in the U.S.

3.  Hydrogen cars are safe

4.  Cost of hydrogen from different sources

5.  Cost of hydrogen fuel cell cars will be affordable in 2015

6.  Eight ways to finance the initial hydrogen fueling stations

7.  Copy of Letter of Understanding from eight car companies calling for initial hydrogen fueling stations to be built by 2015

8.  Ranking of hydrogen fuel cell car programs

9.  YouTube video: Call for grassroots hydrogen advocates

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Here is the article with this information that was published by Reuters yesterday.

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According to the following Bloomberg News article (which was posted on Wednesday on the Detroit News website), Daimler is now accepting orders from customers in Los Angeles and San Francisco to lease the Mercedes B-Class F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell car.

The first 5-15 cars will be delivered in mid-December.  The price per month to lease the car “may be $600 to $800 including fuel.”

And the article notes that Daimler has spent about $2.79 billion over the past 15 years on hydrogen fuel cell cars.

For more information, you can check out the hydrogen fuel cell car page of the new Mercedes “Thinking Green” educational campaign website.

And here is an interview of Sascha Simon, Mercedes U.S. director of advanced product planning, by Brad Berman that includes a lot of discussion about hydrogen fuel cell cars.

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Video: Nick Mittica from hydrogen company Air Products

by Greg Blencoe on October 3, 2010

Here is an Automotive Digest video of Nick Mittica from hydrogen company Air Products that you might want to check out.  He discusses educating people about hydrogen fuel cell cars.

The video was posted on YouTube in May and lasts just under four minutes.

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Daimler executive says company will sell hydrogen fuel cell cars and make a profit

Here is an interesting excerpt from a Financial Times (UK) article that was published earlier today: “Daimler plans to begin mass production of hydrogen-powered passenger cars once the refuelling network is completed, Mr Mohrdieck says. He is adamant that the company can sell the vehicles at a profit – something many industry experts doubt. Annual […]

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